Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fish, Buzzard, and High Heeled Shoe Cupcakes

Posted by Lori:

I bought the neatest cookbook at Sam's Club on Monday (not that I needed another one at all!).  It had all sorts of ideas for cupcakes, cookies, and rice krispie treats made into different things.  Here are a few my daughter made tonight.
Fish:  Red hot lips, M & M's for scales, and fruit roll ups for fins. Eyes were bought at a cake supply place (Michaels maybe?? Can't remember!)
Buzzard Cupcake:  Cupcake body with a small chocolate donut towards the front for the mid-body part.
Head is a round donut.  She used carrots for beak/feet, but the recipe said banana shaped yellow candies.  The eyes are the same mentioned above.
Now, these high heeled shoe cupcakes are really cute, but she needs to practice more and get the right consistency on the icing for the heel part.  She used a pretzel rod.  Recipe suggested a cinnamon stick.  After iced, roll in colored sugar to coat. (She didn't do because it was getting too late.)
The blue bow is gum!

Thanks, daughter!  Looking forward to seeing more of your creations using that new cookbook!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

She has a lot more patience that I do - so cute!

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