Monday, March 19, 2012

Babe's - Yum!

While my husband and three boys enjoyed a weekend in Amarillo, TX, playing golf (and my husband preached for a small congregation, too), my daughter and I headed to Arlington, TX, for a girls' getaway.  Our GPS lady, we fondly named "Betsy", wasn't cooperating in the Dallas metroplex, we managed to find where we were wanting to go ourselves, for the most part.
On the way to worship Sunday morning, we spotted a "Babe's" restaurant ( in downtown Arlington.  Not sure why this cool bus was parked out front, but I snapped a picture of it because of its uniqueness.
This show marquee was right by Babe's.  If you're visiting Arlington, this might be something fun to check out!
We'd heard of Babe's, famous for their chicken and in many different locations around Dallas.  So, later on that afternoon we decided to go try it out ourselves.  
WOW!  We were impressed!
 Great food and huge portions! Fun atmosphere, too!  (You might want to learn the words to "The Hokey Pokey"!)
 This is just my filled plate.  The actual food comes out on platters and in bowls.  You pass it around your table, family style. (Mom has a recipe on here for Creamed Corn that she says is similar to the corn at Babe's!)
We quickly realized why people kept walking out with little "doggy bags" of chicken and/or biscuits!  We soon knew why and carried our own baggies out!

I can't wait to introduce my husband and three boys to Babe's.  I did notice that some of the restaurants have fewer meat selections.  The one in Arlington has six different meats to choose from.  We had the regular fried chicken and the chicken tenders.  Wonderful and worth a trip to Arlington!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Ah the smoked chicken is my fave! Stopped there Sunday!

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