Monday, December 19, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts - #1

Posed by Lori:
Every year on my husband's side of the family, we do homemade gifts between each of the siblings.  Even some of the niece's are now getting into the "homemade" giving!  I'm posting a few of the homemade gifts today and then will do the others in my next post.
Framed burlap mat stamped with a "W".
Funny how this "homemade" ornament candle holder is packaged so neatly and has a nice little tag dangling from it!  Occasionally, one of the group opts for non-homemade gifts!  Still cute, though!
Glass ornaments with paint swirled around on the inside.  I made some of these years ago, but I really like how my niece used the larger glass balls and the ribbon to hang the ornament.  So cute!
Isn't this paper tree adorable!!???  One of my sister's-in-law saw it on Pinterest using ribbon, but she used paper.  I like the paper a lot!  It seems like it will stay "fluffier" with the paper, as long as I store it properly where it doesn't get smashed.

Remember.....I'll share the rest of the homemade gifts next time!
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OMG, these are too darn cute.

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