Friday, June 26, 2009

Diet Cherry Vanilla Cream Coke

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We limit the soda (Note: I'm trying to be "proper". In southwest Oklahoma, all "soda" is called "Coke" or "pop"!) intake of our four children to one a week, except for special occassions where they might get two during the week. Most often that once-a-week special is during Happy Hour at Sonic. The three boys' favorite is cherry cream Dr. Pepper.

Several years ago our elementary P.T.O. (Parent-Teacher Organization) was treating the elementary teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. The theme was "Crayons" and each day was a different color. One particular day the theme color was brown. I wanted a drink with a brownish color, but something more than just regular sodas. I thought of the cherry cream Dr. Pepper. However, most of the teachers liked Diet Coke. I called Sonic and they kindly told me that the cream was half and half. So, this recipe was born!

Diet Cherry Vanilla Cream Coke
1- 3 liter Diet Coke (or soft drink of your choice), chilled
1 bottle cherry syrup flavoring (I have used sugar free and regular), chilled
1 bottle vanilla syrup flavoring (I have used sugar free and regular), chilled
1 qt. fat free half and half (or regular)

Mix all together in large container or divide ingredients in half and mix in two containers. Chill until ready to serve. May be served over ice, if desired.

Last summer I hosted a bridal bruch for my niece and served this recipe using Dr. Pepper. It's adaptable to any soft drink you would like to use. If you've ever ordered a soft drink with cream in it, you know that it foams up. This recipe will, too. It's the reaction of the soda with the cream. It does look kind of strange, but it tastes really, really good!

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