Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Green Door

Posted by Lori:
I'm not one for change, and especially when it has a connection to my childhood, but on a whim, I decided to go for it!  I'm talking about my front door, which was previously brown and kind of faded and "dry" looking.  It's just like the front door on the house that I lived in for most of my childhood, in a house that was built during my kindergarten year and we lived in until spring break of my sophomore year in high school.  Kind of silly to be "attached", but that's how I am.
For some reason Saturday, I got the urge to pain the front door.  Maybe it's because I know that we're getting new siding and rock trim and I wanted the door to look "newer", too?  Maybe because it was hard to tell from the road if our door was open or not because it was so dark?  Either, way, I used a green paint I had on hand (with the help of my mom via phone!).  I almost went turquoise because I had a gallon of it, too, but just couldn't do it!

I used a simple black sponge brush.  First I dabbed Vaseline on a few areas where I wanted to "distress" the paint, then painted over the door.  I liked how the paint didn't go into the designed parts and decided to leave them that way.  After the first coat dried, I went over the smooth areas again, let them dry, then wiped with a cloth and steel brush along where the Vaseline was.  The paint won't stick to the Vaseline.  And, there it is!  My new GREEN door!!!  I painted the wreath hanger the same color, then put the burlap wreath back up. (search: Burlap Wreath on our blog home page for directions).  The wreath needs a bow or something to decorate it up, but I'm not sure yet what I want.

So, maybe the door will stay green a while.  Maybe I'll try another color some day.  Who knows?!
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Fun! While looking at a LOT of places for Dee's grad gift lately, I saw lots of painted furniture - some turquoise, yellow and orange! So fun.

Norbert Floth said...

Trying something new and taking some risks can also be a good thing, especially if you are talking about home improvements. I’m glad that you take the chance on painting your old door. I say the “distress” look is really interesting. It looks rough and edgy, in a good way. I hope that you continue to make some changes inside your house like what you did on your front door. The results may even surprise you!

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