Monday, April 9, 2012

Cupcake Party

Posted by Lori:

Several weeks ago I bought some cupcake plates and napkins at Target.  I commented to a few people that I wanted to have a cupcake party.  The idea grew and the party became a reality last week!
For the church announcement I had it to invite "girls of all ages".  However, next time, it might be best to say girls and ladies of all ages, since most of the older ladies didn't show up!  I was trying to be polite!

I had several friends volunteer to help make cupcakes and punch.  I made the icing in four different pastel colors and bought sprinkles.  Lots and lots of sprinkles!
The girls enjoyed picking out their cupcake, icing color(s) and decorations.
But most of all, they enjoyed eating them!
It was interesting to see just how much time and effort some of them put into decorating the cupcakes.
They were proud of their creations!
My high school daughter and a few of her friends even joined in the fun.  Since softball practice was canceled, they had some free time to have some fun.

I may need to have another cupcake party soon!  How about you?

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I saw that on Facebook! Such a cute idea with the popularity of cupcakes right now!

Anonymous said...

Now you should do a boy one just to see how theirs turn out. So sweet idea though. Literly huh? LOL


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