Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ladies' Day Salad Luncheon

Click HERE for my post about speaking at the Waynoka, OK church ladies' day this past Saturday.  It talks about the theme and my lesson points. This post is more about the food :).
For the salad luncheon, the ladies has three of these serving jars.  One had raspberry tea and another had peach tea.  This one was just plain ice water, but look how pretty they made "plain water"!!  I love the addition of the cranberries and ice in layers.  BEAUTIFUL!
Trifles are one of the prettiest desserts to serve, in my opinion.  This one was delicious, as well.  I have a few trifles posted on this blog, if you're interested.
Fruit pizza is always a hit and these individual fruit salads are a great way to serve desserts.  Spring time fruit is in season and so pretty right now!
Have you notices the little cards by each dish?  One of the Waynoka ladies goes to great lengths to make sure each dish is labeled.  However, she goes above and beyond by making the cards "pretty", in the theme colors, and also makes the cards double-sided, so that it is visible from both sides of the table.  Both lines of people can see the name of the dish.  BRILLIANT!
More delishness!! (My spell check says this isn't a word, but it's a new word.  I made it up! :)
....and even more!
....and more!....
My plate.  Isn't it pretty?  Tasted absolutely wonderful, too!

Great job, Waynoka church ladies!!
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