Sunday, January 22, 2012

Picture Frame Craft

Posted by Donna:

A couple of weeks ago, I was "exploring" pinterest and found this craft. I just loved it. I decided to make this and write Larry messages from time to time. After I wrote the first message, I told him the idea was for him to write me messages as well. So far, he has written none!!!! But, that's okay, I've had fun writing his, and I think he has enjoyed them as well. I wrote the one I have posted in the picture this morning before I left for worship services. He has to be at the church building before I do because he does the PowerPoint for the hymns we sing; so, he didn't see the new message until after we got home from worship services. Instead of thanking me, he asked me what I wanted!!!!!! I can't believe he thought I only wrote this because I wanted something in return. Of course, he was just teasing me.

After I made this frame, he told me I should have printed the words that said--I am mad at you because.........that way I could switch them out. Husbands are so funny!!!!!

This is very, very easy to make. After choosing the scrapbook paper you like, print the words --I love you because---on it.

I made a burlap/muslin flower to attach to the frame to dress it up a little. Purchase a dry erase marker and your set to go. Pin It Now!
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