Monday, January 9, 2012

Fried Bologna Sandwiches

Yesterday our three boys were busy working in one bedroom, helping move two of them into their new bedrooms.  The youngest, Tyler, (aka Biscuit from The Chronicles of Biscuit in my other blog) wasn't working very hard and the two older ones were getting a little aggravated at him.  Finally, after hearing too many "discussions" coming from the bedroom, I hollered (yes, that's how we do it around here :) for Tyler to come to the kitchen.

When he got to the kitchen, I said, "Tyler, if you don't start helping your brothers, you're not going to get the special treat your daddy is bringing you home from the store!"  He asked what it was.  I said, "Bologna!"  His eyes got big and he was soooooo excited!  So were the other boys when they found out!  It was so funny just how excited they got about something so simple as a package of lunch meat!  

Typically we don't buy bologna.  The kids eat it from time to time at church finger-food-type fellowship meals or VBS or their grandparents' house.  It was also neat for them because we also had another rare "treat" in their eyes:  white bread!  And it was Wonder, my childhood favorite.  We usually eat only 100% whole wheat!

So, since the boys were so excited, I told them that after worship Sunday night, I would make them fried bologna sandwiches.  I made a big deal about it.  I told them my dad would make them when I was little and how it was cooked a special way and all.....really played it up to be big.  One of the boys even asked if I would be breading chicken fried steak!!! (Wishful thinking on his part :).

I got a huge kick out of showing the kids how to slit the bologna, so it wouldn't puff up too much in the middle.  
I nicknamed the bologna PacMan, since it looked like the PacMan on the video game.  
PacMan grew.....
....and grew.....
.....and grew!  He got a little puffed up, but not too much! :)
I made the boys, plus my daughter and husband their fried bologna sandwiches, then called my dad to tell him the good news about his grandkids enjoying one of his still-to-this-day favorite treats!  
He mentioned when he used to get huge cuts of bologna and grill it on the grill!  I do remember that, but don't think I'll be doing it!
Dad said to tell the boys and our daughter that they were enjoying a delicacy! 
Who knew a fried bologna sandwich was a delicacy???!
What a simple thing that the boys were excited about!  What a fun (and funny!) memory!
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Didn't know you had to cut them to keep them from puffing up! Don't know that we'll be needing that information anytime soon, tho! Funny!

Carrie said...

we called them Pacman sandwiches all the time because we put yellow mustard on them and well Pacman was big in the 80s when I was a lil kid. My aunt showed us how to do this and yes you take a knife and make a tiny slit to keep it from puffing up. I do a Big Mac PacMan version that goes bread cheese baloney bread baloney cheese bread version too. I love these sandwiches they are huge hits with kids both young and old!

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