Monday, August 25, 2014

My Ford Pickup

For years and years I had wanted an old Ford pickup.  I didn't care about how it looked, whether rusty or painted, but I had a certain style I wanted.  THIS STYLE!
(Decorated: "Fair Theme" at night)
Finally I found one, but I thought it cost too much.  But then my husband said if he could sell a little tractor he had setting out in the field, I could get the pickup. It sold the next day! In fact, we could have sold 10 of those little tractors! Ha! 
(Decorated: "Fair Theme" with flash)
And when my husband went to get the pickup, he was going to offer less on it.  The guy told him it was much less than he had told me (man vs. woman thing, I think) and less than what my husband was even going to offer!!  YAY!!
My whole reason for wanting the pickup was for pictures.  Here are most of the girls from my son's Senior class.  The girls were so excited to get to take a pic out there with the Seniors 2015 banner!  One of them commented that they could take a picture there each month and see how much they grow! Ha ha!  I reminded her that they really don't want to "grow" this year :).  Maybe she meant "mature"!

Right before our daughter left for college, I realized we hadn't taken any family pictures during the summer. We quickly took a few pictures when we could.   The sun was too bright to get closer to the pickup, but they still turned out well! Thank you to our niece-in-law, Marisa, for coming over to snap a few pics on short notice!

I'll be decorating this pickup for fall, and Christmas, and all of the other holidays.  I can't wait until it's time for hay bales and pumpkins and corn stalks!  I envision lots of family pictures taken here.  And others are welcome, too!  In fact, it's already been used by the cheerleaders and some of the Seniors for senior pictures!  That's exactly what I got it for!

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