Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Golf Ball Birthday Cake (With imperfect golf balls!)

Here's an idea for a golf birthday cake, although I forgot to indent the golf balls until party time, so used something that really didn't work very well.  Nevertheless, it worked for our son's 17th birthday party. Also, I thought the cake was pretty squared up but obviously, the left front of the cake droops down some.  Oh, well.... :)
The base of the cake is a Wilton 14 x 14 inch square cake pan. I used three cake mixes for the two layers.  The four balls were made from cupcakes. Just cut off the tops of the cupcakes for the ball to be in the grass. I used toothpicks to secure the balls to the cake better.

So, maybe you have a golfer in the family and need a golf-themed cake.  Here's one idea of how to accomplish that with a simple design.  I have other golf cakes on this site.  Use the search OR look in Decorated Birthday Cakes.
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