Friday, July 19, 2013

Biscuit Pancakes - Well, of Course!

Monday morning I decided to make my kiddos a big breakfast with homemade biscuits.  I don't make a "big" one that often, so they were really excited! Well, it became the biggest disaster!  The bottom element on my oven went out while the biscuits were in the oven, so I ended up cooking some in a little toaster oven. 
I decided to cook the rest of the biscuits like a pancake - but in butter. They were really good!  However, the gravy that I tried to make with almond milk (because I ran out of regular milk), was not!  Maybe it could be, but it sure wasn't that day!
My husband fixed the oven. It ended up not being the element, but just a problem with the wires. I can't imagine why since the oven is as old as I am!! Haha!  Anyway, a few days later I made biscuits again....and they turned out well.  Really well!  YAY!  (Recipe is on here: JP's Big Daddy Biscuits.  Or search for them on

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