Sunday, July 8, 2012

Olympic Themed Crafts

Posted by Lori:

My family and I spent last week at Quartz Mountain Christian Camp.  (Read about the week at my devotional blog site HERE.)  The theme for the week was based on the Olympics - "Go for the Gold". I thought I would share some of the Olympic-themed crafts we used for decorating one of the nights.
Torches made from paper towel tubes covered in aluminum foil with red, orange, and yellow tissue paper flames.
My brother-in-law told me about his Olympic ring craft.  Purchase the foam swimming noodles.  Secure them into a circle shape with 1 inch dowel sticks cut into 4 inch pieces.  Where ends come together, cover with colored to match duct tape.  Spray paint noodles in desired colors.  FYI:  The more expensive spray paint IS worth it!  I bought both and learned a lesson!  The cheap worked, but took several coats.  These rings were tied together with clear fishing wire.  This particular ring set was only attached to the iron pole with one string of fishing wire on the black ring.  You can tell the red needed to be secured as well, but it worked for the short amount of time we needed it.
These little disks were from Hobby Lobby.  I think they were called "Flying Disks".  I spray painted the purple ones to make them black, but all other colors were fine.  Just cut the yellow and green disks and fit the rings together.  I secured them with duct tape on the back side.  Some kind of glue might work well, too.  Hot glue did not work.

One more idea we did not do, but sounded GREAT! Take five hula hoops. Purchase balloons in the Olympic ring colors.  Blow up the balloons and secure each Olympic color to each hula hoop.  Secure hoops together.  

It's almost time for the Olympics!!  How about an Olympic themed party to celebrate!

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