Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flavored Sugar

Posted by Lori:

I found this great recipe for flavored sugar that can be added to tea.  It's a full sugar recipe, but the recipe could be adapted to sugar free by using a sugar substitute and sugar free flavored drink mixes.  I have to add some sweet flavoring to my tea.  I don't like it at all just plain!  Apparently that's the way it is in the south.  My husband was in Georgia in April and he said that unsweetened tea wasn't even an option on the menu!  Unfortunately, unsweet is the only way he likes it, so his beverage selection was always water.

I hope you enjoy making your tea even tastier with this recipe!

Flavored Sugar

1 cup sugar
1 package (0.23 ounces) unsweetened lemon, cherry, or strawberry (or your preferred flavor) flavored soft drink mix

In a small bowl, combine sugar and soft drink mix.  To serve, stir 2 teaspoons flavored sugar into 6 ounces of hot or cold tea.
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