Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pantry Re-Do

What a transformation this pantry has had in the past two and a half years!  It started out as a "mud room" shower.  Then, in early fall 2009, after finding that the shower had leaked and was causing mold around the outside of it, my husband tore it all out and made this pantry (shown below).  At the time, I was proud to have it and the storage space it had for the kitchen.
Early September 2009....
During our recent remodel/addition, the pantry got another redo - a much-needed redo!  From September 2009 until this time, the pantry never had a door and the frame around the door opening was never finished.  I didn't really mind, since I knew that 'someday' we would be adding on anyway.
The process was long, but the end results were worth it.  New shelving was brought in and installed.  Some came from Lowe's and some came from The Container Store (it was 30% off at the time!).  I organized and sorted.  Surprisingly, I found that I had 15 cake mixes.  Wow!  15??!!  Why??  I want to always be prepared :).  Really, I do like to keep several in stock for spur of the moment times, but also, when I see a "new" kind at the store, I buy it.  The Funfetti kinds, the de leuce kind, etc.  They're fun to try! I think I have a problem :).
This was taken today....when the end racks of the pantry are less full.  Now instead of just buying because I'm not sure what I have on hand, I can see what I have on hand and not hoard.  Being organized - at least in this area- is a great feeling!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Nice! I wouldn't call it hoarding with all the baking you do for things! :)

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