Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Geometry....Tiger Time....Valentine's Day

Posted by Lori:
This isn't a typical day in Mr. M's after-geometry-class, but it happened to be a special day.  It was Valentine's Day.  Mrs. M, as I've mentioned before, has asked me to help her treat Mr. M's geometry class (which my daughter is in) each holiday during a 20 minute time period called Tiger Time.  It's typically spent catching up on extra geometry studies.  
The students had a choice of having white cake with strawberries and whipped cream or chocolate heart-shaped cupcakes with icing.....or a mixture of all.  (*Note:  These heart shaped cupcakes are made by putting a marble in-between the cupcake liner and the pan.)
Everyone had fun making their own creations.  They topped them with squirt whipped topping or regular Cool Whip, sprinkles and chocolate hearts (Melt chocolate chips and piping them in heart shaped onto waxed paper. Allow to sit until hardened.)
The red punch was one bottle of Hawaiian Punch, one bottle of ginger ale, and a container (1/2 gallon) of pineapple sherbet.
After all of the students had finished their desserts and punch, they made lots of extras.
They delivered the treats around the school for the junior high and high school teachers.  I told them they had to get rid of it, so they even shared with the next hour class.  How nice!  The Juniors treated the Seniors!
Mr. M enjoying the break.
Yum!  What a fun Valentine's Day treat!

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