Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Larry's Projects

Posted by Donna:

Since I haven't been baking or cooking anything new recently, I decided to share a few things that my husband has made. About two years ago, Larry was informed one day that he no longer had a job. He had worked at his position for 21 years; so, this was very unexpected. Needless to say, we were so upset--especially since we had no idea this was coming. Since then he has interviewed for several jobs, but his "age" was always brought up. He was 62 at the time; so, the one question that was always asked was, "How long are you planning on working?"

Trying to "re-invent" yourself is very hard--especially for a man. Thankfully, though, he has finally found something that he enjoys doing. A friend had made me a "casserole" carrier--so; Larry decided last fall that he would make Kimberly and Lori one for Christmas. He also started making tree swings--which I posted earlier--- and actually sold one. I asked him to make me the small black bench for my bathroom--for decoration!!!! Then, he just recently completed the quilt rack. It's rather large--as he admits---but I finally found a place for it in our bedroom.

Larry's favorite store is Harbor Freight. He usually comes out of the store with some cheap tool. At least, he now understands my "shopping buys" at The Market in Edmond. When you have a hobby, you have to support it, right? Pin It Now!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

how does the casserole carrier work?

Donna said...

There's a place for 8 pegs that fit on the bottom. The carrier has holes in the top; so, you just place the pegs where you need them. It will carry any size up to a 9 x 13 dish. It's really nice--espcially not having to worry while transporting it.

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