Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Refrigerator Magnets

Posted by Donna:

We had a "Grandparents Shower" for a couple of our members at church Sunday. They're anxiously awaiting the birth of their first grandchild, which happens to be a girl and is due December 23rd. That's quite a Christmas gift!!! As a hostess gift, the soon-to-be-grandmother made each of us a set of six magnets.

I was anxious to share this idea. I have a "thing" for cute magnets; so, these found an instant place on my refrigerator.


Clear stones---found at Hobby Lobby
Scrapbooking paper
Large magnet

Lori, (soon-to-be-grandmother) chose several different fonts and ran the words off on different designs of scrapbook paper.She then glued the cut-out paper to the bottom of the clear rocks and added the magnet. How simple is that!!!! (The words are a little hard to see in the picture. The words she used were: peace, faith, joy, love, patience, and kindness.)

Lori put each set in an organza bag; then made a tag to attach to it--the tag was also out of scrapbook paper. Not only did she have each hostess a set of magnets, she also made individual ones for each guest to have. She had these on a really cute free standing magnetic board. Only Lori would think of this!!!! She's one of those people who has talent and wonderful ideas oozing out of her!!!!

I hope this gives you an idea for your gift idea file. Pin It Now!

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Thats a cute idea


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