Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Oklahoma State Fair - Food, Crafts, and Cute Ideas

The Oklahoma State Fair was great again this year! 
I found many ideas for future projects!  This painted Christmas tree was so airy and pretty!  
These decorated cupcakes were so cute! I've never worked with fondant (don't care for the taste), but it sure makes cute things!
These were adorable! I would have given them a 1st place blue ribbon, too!
This must have taken many hours to make all of these flowers and intricate designs.  Gorgeous!
This was really cute and could be scaled down to cupcake size easily. But, I just figured out it's a pumpkin!!  Didn't remember! How clever!
Need to decorate a pumpkin?  Here are some ideas.
I had to show this FFA emblem out of metal. That was a LOT of work!
And now for "Fair Food"! The turkey leg!

The Okarche, OK, cinnamon rolls. Not quite up to "Gramps" cinnamon rolls in our family, but will do when you want something sweet!
And the FAMOUS Indian Taco from "Dan's Famous Indian Tacos"!  We were so excited to get this traditional "meal" again!  However, we do wish that there were more than a 'few' pieces of beef in the bean mixture.
The table decorating contest is my favorite.  My daughter and I both entered this contest the very first year they had it. We both won, too!  I was excited because we both won $100!!!  That is an incentive to enter!  We had to decorate large tables, so this is much better. I won because my table setting was the only one correct!  That is because table settings are important to me! (My boys doesn't understand why I care where the knife goes or how it faces, but it matters to me! Ha ha!)

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