Monday, June 10, 2013

Gluten-Free Ice Cream

We were excited to get a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker a few days ago, and pulled it out of the box to make a sweet treat immediately. After help from my husband, I got the contraption together properly, put the ingredients into the proper place, and began spinning the machine. Nothing happened.  I checked again and again, but it wasn't getting cold.  Finally, I tasted the ingredients. They were a little warm. Odd.  It's an ice cream maker and it's not getting cold.

My husband asked if I read the directions to the machine.  Me???  Well, no! I don't like to read directions! (Sad, yes. He's the one willing to stop for directions when traveling, not me.  Not typical for most males/females.)  So, I read the directions.  And quickly learned that I should have frozen the ingredient holder for 16-24 hours.  Just a minor set back in our quest for the gluten-free sweet treat.

Last night I made the dessert.  I used the recipe at the link here.  I used almond milk and brown sugar, but there are many options you can adjust to your liking.

I hope you enjoy! But, if you are also using a Cuisinart machine, I might suggest that you follow the directions the first time.
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Anonymous said...

ha ha.. oh and your link here isnt working.. :) ive been wanting to get an icecream maker too.


Unknown said...

What link isn't working?? I am subscribed to the email, so I'll know what you all get. I clicked on the post link on that email and it worked, so not sure. Thanks for letting me know! If you can help me further with the problem, I appreciate it very much! Lori

Anonymous said...

Ok, you wrote in paragraph 3, I used the recipe link here I thought it was a link to the recipe you used by clicking the word "here"


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