Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jesus on the Cross Craft

Last week was our Vacation Bible School.  The theme was "It's a Blue Ribbon Life".  I have several posts about it on my "Shine Like Stars" blog, but wanted to share a few crafts with you that my 1st and 2nd graders did in class.  I'm not a fan of using general crafts, but strictly want it to be crafts that are directed towards the Bible lesson that we are learning each day.
The lesson on the last day was about Jesus dying on the cross.  I had bought these large people shaped cutouts at Mardel and decided to let them be Jesus.  I didn't want the kids to color too much or make them look pretty or cute or anything, so did the craft along with them, telling them each step to do.  

First they glued their "Jesus" to the construction paper cross.  Next they drew simple eyes, a nose, and a mouth. We talked about how Jesus wouldn't have been smiling, so they decided a straight across mouth was best.

Next they drew the crown of thorns on his head. As they drew we talked about how that would have felt.

We talked about how the nails were in His hands and feet, but I didn't want to cross the legs how they probably were, but just let the kids draw nails on each hand and foot.  I could tell they were really thinking about the nails as they drew.

And, of course, we talked about the fruit of the Spirit, LOVE.....and how Jesus' death on the cross was because of His love for each and every one of us.  They placed a red heart with the words, "Jesus Loves Me This I Know" on the center of Jesus. 

Lastly, we talked about how Jesus' side was pierced. Some drew a line for that....some didn't.

I pray that this craft touched the hearts of each of the students that day.  I pray it touches your heart, as well.  Jesus DOES love us! So much that He gave His life for us!  Thank you, God, for your plan.
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