Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Decorating for High School Graduation

If you've followed this blog long, or know me well at all, you know I love to decorate!  At this time of year, I spend lots and lots of time decorating.
One thing I've decorated for in the past several years has been our high school's graduation.  I always enjoy the time trying to make it special for the senior class.  However, this year was really different because I was decorating for my own daughter's class and their senior graduation.  I wanted to be doing it, but didn't want to be doing it!  You know what I mean??! 
Some years I've used live potted plants.  Some years I've used lots of lights.  Last year I bought the arch in the picture above.  This year I found these beautiful gold rose centerpieces that were perfect for our school colors and a great accent to the stage in the gymnasium during graduation.  I came across these beauties by pure accident, but knew they were the new addition for this year's decor.  They'll be used for years and years to come - as well as in my house the other 364 days of the year!!
And the best decorations of all?  The diplomas in the seniors' hands! :)
Congratulations, Lauren, and to the rest of the Seniors in the graduating in the Class of '13!

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