Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Initial Wreaths for Kid's Doors

My mom told me about this idea a year or two ago:  wreaths for children's bedroom doors.  Since my children aren't little any more, I decided to do the wreaths pretty plain and simple.  That way I wouldn't hear any, "Oh, moooooommmmm!", statements, either :).  I'm not sure they like the wreaths, but they'll tolerate them for Christmas.....and because they don't want to hurt my feelings (ha ha!).
I didn't take a picture of the tracing step, but trace your wooden letters onto cute Christmas scrapbooking paper. Use Modge Podge to glue the paper on the front of the letter.  Smooth it out to prevent bubbles.
(Sorry this picture posted upside down.)
After paper is mostly dried, Modge Podge the front side.  Allow to dry and repeat.
Glue a ribbon loop to the back of the decorated letter.  Attach to the mini wreath or to the wreath hook. Add a bow, and you are done!

My kids don't know it, but I plan on keeping these wreaths for them and using them every year - even when they are grown, married, and parents.  I'm not sure what I'll do about adding their spouses names and kids' names, but I'll come up with something.  Then they'll think back to the first time that wreath hung on their door!  Memories and traditions!  Special times!

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