Monday, December 10, 2012

2-Sided Hanging Party Decorations - Simple, Easy, and Cute!

Paper plates and tulle.  That's all you need!  Oh, and duct tape :).  Don't forget the duct tape! The idea for this decoration came to me in Hobby Lobby.  I stood there thinking that the paper plates would be simple, easy, and CHEAP, but didn't appeal to me on their own.  The tulle made it just perfect!
I don't know how to say it, but it's just inside out duct tape, I guess.....around the inside edge of the bottom back of a paper plate.  If you need extra stability, use hot glue....but it will take a LOT longer!
Make loops of tulle all around the plate, attaching the inside loop to the duct tape.  IMPORTANT STEP:  I didn't show this step, but duct tape all over the bottom part of the tulle and over the other duct tape, taping it to the inner part of the plate.  Tape another plate to the back of the first plate, and you're done with the two-sided decoration!
Attach a longer piece of tulle to one of the top loops and hang your decoration.  Think of the possibilities!  One of my sister-in-laws mentioned that a sunflower or ladybug would be cute!  
 The party plates can be your inspiration, just as they were for me!  Tulle and plates can be found in all sorts of colors and at very reasonable prices.
To finish off the decorations, I asked for empty boxes from Facebook friends.  I got a lot of them!  I wrapped the empty boxes with matching/coordinating wrapping paper, and they presents served as centerpieces on top of the colored tablecloths.
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Cute! I used the polka dot plates at my college kid party the other night!! I didn't get pics but at our class party we made centerpieces with my friend's Nutcracker collection with varying sizes.

Jess said...

Great idea! There are paper plates for every season and holiday! And light enough to be hung just about anywhere. Wonderful for classrooms & hallways! Thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments!

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