Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Pillowcases

Posted by Donna:

In the last two months, I've made 21 pillowcases. Fourteen of these have been for Christmas. I decided to make one for each of our grandchildren to use as stocking stuffers. I also made some for a few of our church members that are in one of our Assisted Living Centers.

They're quick to make and lots of fun to coordinate the material for each one. I used different patterns for each grandchild. I'm only showing four of them.

A few weeks ago, my aunt had me make pillowcases for her four grandchildren. She wanted the patterns to be about what each child really liked; so, they were patterns of sports, race cars, dogs, and butterflies with pink polka dots. Finding all of these different prints took some doing; but, after searching and searching all the bolts of material, I finally found some really cute prints.

Pillowcases are a very inexpensive gift for anyone. Several months back, I made an OU case for my uncle and a rooster case for a very good friend who collects roosters. They loved them.

I also made several for graduation gifts---which by the way, I'm doing again for all the graduation gifts this year.
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Very cute! Great way to wrap gifts too - in a Christmas pillowcase!

Donna said...

Thank you, Robin.
I saw a cute idea using a white pillowcase as the gift wrap. The case was made into a snowman with button eyes and a small knitted hat on his head. It also had a felt scarf tied around his neck--which enclosed the gift inside. I just wish I had time to make all the creative ideas I hear and read about.

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