Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Homemade Christmas Gifts 2015

This year was kind of different for my husband's side of the family.  We were gone the whole break and we had a wedding in Colorado for a niece, so we didn't all get together during the holidays (except the traditional Thanksgiving time).  We usually only have a few hours together for Christmas anyway, but one of my favorite things is the homemade Christmas gifts we all give each other.
This year one of my sisters-in-law (the busiest sister-in-law because she was also the mother of the bride!) made this beautiful ornaments! She used glue and gold glitter.  You can read her tutorial HERE

My mother-in-law made these really cute wooden spool snowmen!  I like hanging things like this!  The ribbon is just tied in between the spools, on the top and on the bottom.

I showed you my ornaments last week....the tree stump chalkboard ornaments.

My mom made this cute little embroidered "family" picture for me. She got the idea from one of my other sisters-in-law whose mom had made her one.  Our 16 year old said that next year she had to add two inches to his height! Ha ha!
There's nothing sweeter than homemade Christmas gifts.  I look around my home and see so many cute homemade things that have special memories.

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