Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome Back!

So sorry that I checked out a while without any word! I fell and had a radial head fracture to the elbow area. It wasn't a really bad break, just a small piece of a bone, but it hurt a LOT!  I could only type with my left hand, and really only pecked with one finger, so it was too hard and time consuming to write. I should have copied and pasted my "Shine Like Stars" post for here, but I couldn't do that with one hand, either (that I figured out, anyway).  So, I'm back!

Remember the Oscar molds I posted a few years ago?  Well, IF you ever do them yourself (make a plaster mold from chocolate molds), don't use Plaster Paris. It doesn't work! You'll have holes in your little guys (or whatever you're making) and the Plaster Paris won't set up. We just found that out the hard way, but it sure was a funny looking Oscar guy!  Only use Pottery Plaster.  We can buy it at Hobby Lobby here in Oklahoma, but you can probably buy it online.
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