Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Minion Cupcakes!!

Sorry I'm posting so many pictures, but they're just so cute, I can't help it!
I made 75 of these cupcakes last Friday for our elementary Red Ribbon Week party.
 The head is half of a Twinkie, the eyes are from Wilton, which was a HUGE timesaver, and I baked the cupcakes in natural colored liners, but set them in blue liners to make it all blue - like their suspenders.
 I forgot to get little chocolate jimmies for their hair, so had to use a tiny icing tip. That's why the hair isn't "great" looking.  But, it worked.
 In the pictures below, you can see a tiny red ribbon piped with icing.  I thought it would have been cute to have the Minions holding a sign that said....
 "Bleh, bleh, bo!" for Just Say No! :)
I used the homemade white cake mix for the cupcakes that I posted last week. It is a delicious homemade recipe.  So much better than the boxed white cake mix!!  
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Anonymous said...

Soo cute! My kids love minions, must do this!! Jodi

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