Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Crafts at QMCC 2015

Coming up with crafts for a week at QMCC isn't hard, but finding some new unique ones is sometimes a challenge.  And then sometimes I provide the supplies and the campers come up with something totally unplanned! That's GREAT!
My husband's workplace had chopped down some trees.  No one realized that the insides of the trees were rotting until they came down, so a really strong wind could have toppled the trees at any moment, but much of the tree was cut into logs and for firewood and other projects. I decided to have some small logs cut into chunks to be used at craft time.  One of the campers took the inside of the log out, leaving these bark "frames".  Soon that idea caught on and others did the same! So unique!!
I also went to Lowe's and had planks of wood cut so that campers could do string art. C.J. spent several days working on his craft and will enter it in the fair!
I loved the Oklahoma that Emma and another young girls did! We made a template of the state, she nailed around the outline, and used string to fill it in. It was so cute!
Others did initials, words, shapes...anything they could think of.
Another craft project with string was using buttons and making bracelets. This one turned out really cute! The hemp string is just woven through buttons.  The anchor button is actually on top of another button.  Such a simple, but very cute and easy, project!  
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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Cool! I don't think they had crafts when I was there.

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